Paleoradiology meets clinical radiology

Workshop organizers: Dr. Mislav Čavka (University Hospital Centre Zagreb), Prof. Frank Rühli (University of Zürich)

Number of participants: max 15

Although paleoradiology is a part of paleopathology for more than 100 years, today more than ever it plays crucial role in the analysis of ancient bioarchaeological and archaeological remains. Standard x-rays machines are indispensable tools in everyday use but paleoradiology is shifting towards paleoimaging as computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance (MR), micro CT (µCT) are used more often in analysis of the remains.

The workshop will be held at the University Hospital Centre Zagreb, largest Croatian hospital and university medical centre, where all participants will participate in scanning of various pathological conditions from archaeological context but also some archaeological artefacts (Late Bronze Age urns) on X-ray and CT units, possibly on MR as well. All scanners are set in clinical environment with possibilities of 3D post-processing what will be demonstrated by experienced paleoradiologists.